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    There are different plumbing elements all over your house, predominantly in the bathroom, kitchen, washroom, laundry room and the basement. However, pipes carrying water to each of these units run all over your house. And anything can go wrong at any time with any unit. Pipes freeze and break, drains become blocked, the sinks leak, gaskets dry out, etc. Some of these issues are small enough for the average homeowner to fix, but some call for professional hands.

    Here are some of the common services you can get from William Archer & Sons:

    Fixing Leaks

    Leaks, particularly those in copper plumbing pipes can be a hard task for a homeowner to handle. Leaks of this type usually need a part or an entire pipe to be replaced, and that means having to work with a torch to separate the joints before removing the cracked pipe and replacing it with a new one. Such a practice can be dangerous for a person with no experience and is usually too difficult for a non-expert to make a complete seal on the joints- which can worsen the leak that was there before.

    Replacing Toilets

    This can be a messy task. People with no experience don’t usually like the idea of wax rings and sewer gas. For a new toilet to work properly, all the old wax has to be removed, and the new one should be perfectly in place. Ideally, the new toilet must correctly align with the new ring. The bolts have to be evenly and securely fastened, and the toilet caulked to the floor. If you decide to do it yourself and mess up any of these steps, chances are the new wax ring will be ruined and you will have to make another trip to the store and start over again. As such, it is usually best to leave the toilet replacement job to an experienced local plumber.

    Sinks Replacement

    Sinks can be hard to handle. They are awkward and cumbersome to work with, and more often than not need a plumber to replace or install. If you want to install a new sink, a reputable local plumber can make sure that the job is done properly and without damaging anything in the process. As we all know, porcelain can easily chip or crack when not handled properly, leaving you with a sink that is worthless. It is not uncommon for a homeowner to be able to replace their sink, but the chances of them doing it without causing damage or leaks are pretty low. Getting the job done the first time properly is crucial with sinks and the only way to ascertain that is by hiring a reputable plumber.

    Drain Cleaning

    If you have a small clog in a tub or sink, a small chemical drain cleaning product could temporarily do the job. However, for huge clogs and complete blockages, a plumber is essential. These professionals have clean draining tools that you may not have, a few examples being augers and snakes, which are used to loosen huge blockages. Severe drain blockages might even require the damaged parts of the pipe to be entirely replaced. Such a task can be a hard job, even for the most experienced and so, you should never attempt it unless you are an expert yourself.

    Hot Water Tanks

    Hot water tanks and heaters are undeniably a job for plumbing professionals. They are huge, heavy and daunting when it comes to installation. Some installations even require piping in a gas line, water lines and running ductwork to the chimney. Malfunctioning hot water tanks are usually something that you will want to contact an emergency plumber due to the fact that they hold large amounts of water. Any damage or the need to replace a water heater or tank should be handled by a professional plumber.

    All these are things that come up in our daily lives and need to be fixed as soon as possible. Going the DIY route is never advised unless you are handling a small task. However, if you run into any substantial plumbing problem, you should always contact a qualified and experienced local plumber.


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