Emergency Plumbing in Middletown, NJ

    We’ve got the Middletown NJ plumbing service with the thorough training and range of services you’ll need for just about any plumbing job you might require. Our crew is skilled in a wide range of plumbing services and ready to help you keep your plumbing systems and equipment as efficient as possible. We’re experts in many unique plumbing disciplines, showing absolute professionalism and care for every job we perform. Quality comes first, and our standard is one that will leave you satisfied without question. Here’s a quick look at what our plumbing team can do.

    Local Plumber Middletown NJ

    We’re the name you need to know if you need a high-quality, licensed and insured plumbing service in the Middletown NJ area. We’re not just about getting the job done quickly, mind you. Archer Plumbing focuses on all of the elements of a job, even the finer details, to ensure you have a quality experience. Concepts like punctuality, honesty, and reliability aren’t just words to us, they’re baked into the entire plumbing experience and central to how we do business. So, if you’ve got an old faucet that needs repair, a new toilet you need installed, or a plumbing emergency that requires a skilled hand, be sure to give us a call so the job is done right.

    Plumbing Installation

    Maybe your old equipment isn’t operating the way it should, or you just feel like making some aesthetic upgrades to what you currently have around your house. In either scenario, plumbing installations are something we handle frequently, and something we can definitely help you out with if you’re in need of one. Remember, we perform our work quickly, and work to handle any installation without upending your day to day routine. Here are a few ways we can help:

    Sump Pumps — The sump pump helps keep your basement dry, and they’re a must have in case of heavy rain. We can ensure that yours will work even if the power isn’t with upgrades like a battery backup system.

    Kitchen Faucet Installations — You won’t want to ignore that leaking faucet. Over time, the steady drips and drops will add up to plenty of water wasted, so repairing the issue is paramount. Give us a call, and we can help get your new faucet in with no troubles at all.

    New Appliance Installations — There may come a point where your dishwasher or washing machine kicks the proverbial bucket. In these cases, reach out to Archer Plumbing, and we can give you a hand with getting your new appliances installed and running seamlessly, so your home life can keep running smoothly.

    The list of installation services we provide goes on and on, of course, and we welcome you to check out what other common installations we can perform for you. Even if you have a slightly less common (but equally important) fix you need done, we’re the team that can handle it.

    Emergency Plumbing Repair

    If you’ve got a problem, our 24/7 emergency plumbing service is there to help get it fixed. Don’t panic if the plumbing goes haywire. Keep cool, give us a call, and allow us to help you address the problem. We’ll figure out exactly what needs fixing and help you limit potential damage to your home, then get started on fixing things up so you can get back to living normally.


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