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Danielle Oswald

“Archer Plumbing….Family owned and operated and they treat you like family.

If your sink drain starts leaking and then backs up – call Archer Plumbing. (Happened to us about 2 years ago) I believe that Andy came out to help us with this issue.

If your sewer line backs up into your basement, call Archer Plumbing. (November 2023) – Thanks Mike for clearing the line!

Then, when you accidentally flush a Diamond Engagement Ring and a Sterling Silver Tiffany Rope Ring down the toilet, call Archer Plumbing.

Saturday evening 12/16/2023 – my rings went on a trip – since I am a determined person who was not going to let my rings go down the drain (lol) … .I attempted to find them using a consumer grade camera, but quickly realized I needed to call Archer Plumbing.

Since I live in South River and the pipes are 70+ years old – they are not as smooth as a new pipe – they still work just fine, but this was an advantage for me. Because of the knowledge and experience of John Archer & his team, we were cautiously optimistic that they were still in the line. My rings were nestled down in a little puddle at the bottom of the stack.

On Monday – Chris came out to camera the line from the interior to the street sewer main and then from the interior to the bottom of the stack – then from the toilet access to the bottom of the stack. No visual sight of the rings. However, since the camera passed through, it dislodged the Tiffany Ring from where it was sitting in the pipe and then nestled itself in the house trap.

Tuesday morning, I used my consumer grade camera to check the house trap and there was my Tiffany Ring – a bit tarnished, but there for me to grab with the hook! I called Archer Plumbing to let them know that I found one of my rings and then the owner John called me back to offer some advice and guidance and then offered to come help nudge my engagement ring along. Long story short – some more work needed to be done to help free up my engagement ring that was staying put.

On Thursday, it was a group effort to see if that engagement ring couldn’t be found. The tools that Archer Plumbing used and the expertise of the 40+ years of experience in the area of South River, East Brunswick & surrounding Central Jersey towns were the key. They knew what had to be done. Alas, no confirmed visual sighting of the ring when they left, but I was advised to keep checking the house trap.

Friday morning 12/22/2023, I did just that – again with my consumer grade camera – I found the setting for my engagement ring! I used the hook to pull it out and then realized that the diamond wasn’t there. Again – with the expertise from Archer Plumbing, John advised me that the diamond may be in the house trap and it was!!! Jeremy from Archer Plumbing stopped by to clear out the house trap and we found the diamond! I nearly cried!!!

Expertise, Equipment, Energy & above all Empathy are all characteristics of the entire Archer Plumbing Team – so for that they will have an Excellent Rating from me.

Thank you John, Danielle, Alan, Mike, Chris, Jeremy & the entire team at Archer Plumbing for giving me this Christmas Miracle.”

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